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About me

I’ve always been an audio/visual nerd.


Started with being a musician, and interested in electronics. This landed me in the world of audio recording. Voice over production, sound design, mix to picture, music production, mixing music for albums, even some video editing. I love creating, fixing, syncing, editing, and polishing audio for video.


On this site you’ll find mix and sound design work that I have done for TV spots and corporate videos, as well as documentaries and films.


You will also hear some radio spot production that shows some "theatre of the mind" sound design work that makes radio spots so interesting to listen to.


You will also hear my voice as a VO artist, as well as discover that I offer Casting services with over 500 voice talent discovered through the Source Connect platform.


There is a fairly complete history of the work that I’ve done through my career.


And also a sampling of music that I have co-produced and mixed with various musical artists in various genres.


If you like my work and want to connect, please do!

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